Christmas Canapes

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So christmas is almost upon us again, and I thought it would be perfect time to get some Christmas canapes on here, they’re very simple and more than achievable at home and even get the kids involved, although it might increase the washing up that way

To make these festive canapes, you will need the basics, but i have listed any extra utensils that you may need
you can also find these recipes in The Resident Magazine this Christmas

Smoked salmon roulade


You will need – food processor & cling film

1 pack 350g Long sliced smoked salmon, trim up so fully rectangular and save trimming for your mousse
100g salmon trim
1 pinch cayenne
150 double cream
2 lemons lemon
1 cucumber
1 tub of Salmon ‘caviar’

Roll out a piece of cling film long enough to place your biggest piece of smoked salmon.
On that place the peeled cucumber, leaving 2 cm gap for moving, (Do this by first removing green skin and then peeling down long strips on one side and then the other, discard the center), Next your smoked salmon mousse, combine salmon trimmings, cayenne, cream in food processor and buzz, spread this onto your cucumber slices and roll, creating a salmon ‘sausage’
Refrigerate- an hour should do
When ready to serve cut on the angle and top with salmon caviar

Smoked duck, marmalade, crisp bread, celeriac coleslaw

An Easy one!

You will need – nothing crazy

1 Smoked duck breast, sliced
Orange Marmalade
2 Slices of bread, remove crusts
Celeriac coleslaw – grated celeriac (you will only need 1/6), bound with mayonnaise, lemon and a little apple

Bring it all together
Roll out your bread till wafer thin, cut into 2cm squares and bake in low oven 5 – 10 mins until crisp and cool.
Place small amount of coleslaw, followed by sliced smoked duck, topped off with a small amount of marmalade

Parmesan muffins

You will need – mini muffin tray & sift


140g plain flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 large egg
115g milk
80g grated Parmesan
Butter for greasing
Sift together dry items
Whisk egg and mix together with milk
Gently incorporate, the milk & eggs on the flour, leaving it quite rustic
Add the Parmesan and divide among the mini trays
Cook at 180c for about 12 to 15 minutes, till well risen
Serve with a small dollop of creme fraiche and sprinkle of chives

Roasted peppers, olives, pesto ‘swirls’

You will need –

Small packet of Puff pastry
‘The stuffing’
2 peppers to roast or buy a small jar and drain and chop
80g Black olives, pitted
Small jar of Pesto

Roll out pastry
Scatter the stuffing evenly and roll, into ‘sausage’
Once rolled chill in fridge till cold, an hour should do, and then slice in discs about ¾ cm wide, place on baking tray and cook at 170 for 8- 10 minutes

Sweet stuff !

Chestnut ‘Eggy’ bread

You will need – cocktail sticks, sift & hand blender

Unsliced bread 2/3 days old, you can use fresh though, cut into 2.5cm dice
Chestnut custard
240g milk
25g double cream
2 egg yolks
20g caster sugar
50g cooked chestnut or chestnut puree

A jar of Cranberry jam

making the custard – place cream and milk in pan heat bring to the boil, meanwhile, beat yolks and sugar with chestnuts, once milk is boiling pour gently over yolks and mix together, place back in the pan and heat over low heat till cooked. This will coat the back of your spoon, will only take a minute, once ready sift into a bowl and through in your diced bread to soak up the mix, this can be left for a day to really soak up !

To serve, fry your soaked bread in a little butter to crisped up the edges, place a little cranberry jam onto and stick in a cocktail stick

Lemon Tarts Crème Fraiche

The easy way
You will need – a double boiler (a pan with a small amount of water, with large metal bowl on top)
4 medium eggs
1 extra yolk
150g caster sugar
3 lemons, zest and juice
125 double cream
50 butter
Sweet Tart-let cases or some pastry

In your bowl Whisk together all ingredients, (except butter) over double boiler, keep whisking every minute or two until thick, once thickened remove from heat and whisk in butter and pass through sieve and allow to cool, divide between tartlet cases.
To serve you can be a little cheffy and glaze the tartlet with a blow torch and a little caster sugar and top with a little mascarpone


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